Nes roulette poker twitter pros Just a few days ago he launched a project on Kickstarter to bring his game Super Russian Roulette to life as a real product for the now year. Super Russian Roulette is a party game designed to be played with the NES Zapper and a group of friends. It features a loud-mouth cowboy. Randomly picks ROMS for you to play. Works with Nestopia, Zsnesw, Fusion (Genesis emulator), Ootake (Turbogfx Emulator), VisualBoyAdvance. The config file tells you where to put the roms/ folder for each emulator.

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It's my hope that this campaign will allow me to produce as many copies of Super Russian Roulette as there are people who want it, but there are some rewards which will only be available here:. On the subject of its "sensitive" nature, Reitano told Polygon that he never intended to associate the game with the real life horror and desperation of taking one's own life. See "Risks and Challenges" for more details. As above, sampled audio on the NES has certain restrictions. Super Russian Roulette is already programmed and running on real cartridge hardware that I designed. You'll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content. Any submissions not within the spirit of the game will be disqualified.

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