Csgo strat roulette wheel proteus slot cars S T R A T R O U L E T T E. StratRoulette is made for those fun game days with your friends. Play Strat! Join us on discord!. CS:GO Faceit Major London - Legends - 6, @ . Also feel free to join the StratRoulette Steam Group! Sorrythere'snoroulettewheel. CS:GO Strategy and Tactic Generator. A purely random, for-fun strat caller!.

Csgo strat roulette wheel -

Only 1 person can buy a defuse kit and you have to wait until the bomb is planted. Especially when going around corners. The person that starts with the bomb is it and they have to try throwing it to a team mate, then type 'tag you're it' in chat All Maps T CT. Reload Fever by Crossfirestyler If you see a gun you must ignore everything around you run for the gun and reload it, you need to kill 1 enemy with it before you can switch weapons again. Door and window breaches must be done by at least three people, one to open, one to nade, and a third to support rifle. No player is every allowed to see another living player that is in their group.

Csgo strat roulette wheel -

Every time you kill an enemy, you must pick up the weapon he drops including pistols and use it for your next kill. The Floor is Lava v2. They may peek outside, but they can't leave! Give the bomb to CTs, rotate back around the entire map dodging CT rotates and 'retake' the bomb. The top fragger stands behind his teammates as they flash, smoke and try to juke bullets so he can get the ace.

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Silent Rounds, Incest Jokes, and More! - CS:GO Strat Roulette

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